What ‘Lifeplace-Material’ Should Be Shared – with whom; when; and How ?

  •  I just had a long dream – a “slow-moving ‘fancy-dress’ Carnival side-stalls dream” –  from about 1730 to 1755 – with a “synchronistic” sort of co-ending with the nearby real-world. –

a “new-to-me” dream which, upon being awakened, I recall “links” with my afternoon brief reading excursion further into Mindell’s work,
and also after receiving and “notifying the www. public” of  some more publications, which I regularly do online
relevantly, I think,  to our –
“incognito-our”, “secret-spirit-society”
support and pursuit to establish “Sustain-worthy-ing” and “Holistic health building” ..

but I recall the Jungian residential analytical Withymead Centre folk advising “Write your dreams (and other experiences) –
but it’s best not to let anyone otherfthan yourself and your analysat see those not3s, until after you’ve assimilated and worked through them …”.


Now my situation is that I have no-one, absolutely no-one, with whom to “work with”,
nor really to “share” anything with either,

and no compatible “sustain-worthy-ing” group nor neighbourhood … ….

Undoubtedly (to my mind) this is also a “surrounding-world” sign of the failing-English Civilisation and ‘World-Society’;


but isn’t it now quite “right” to use the greater worldwide spirit of the “egalitarian” internet, to at least “chirp up” ?
[not the “nouveau-riche” Bill-Gates profiteering, hacking, virusing, phishing, Trojan-horsing “fair-competition”  ‘winner-takes-all’ bedlam
that the Internet has so “business-profiteering-dominantly” and militantly become]


what else ?
“what would you do .. “.?