Serious Governance Book Just Published 2017 and arrived for Sustainworthiness-Scrutiny

Innovation in City Governmentsstructures, networks, and leadership
by Lewis, Ricard, Klijn, and Ysa
[ “Critical Studies in Public Management”]


(1)  The work concludes on page 184, [exerpts include this jsdm-publisher’s bold and other notes] :- :

“As noted above, there also remains an unresolved question about innovation as an output, rather than as a [jsdm ‘mere’] capacity.”

“Our analysis is certainly an advance in regard to understanding innovation in city governments ,,, Future research on public sector innovation can build on what we have learnt.  Studies that examine the important micro-structures of networks around brokers and the interesting pattern of high trust ties around them, would surely be a ‘profitable’ [jsdm ?]  new direction.”

“This book opens up new avenues for research and suggests a path for some fruitful directions which also have enormous practical importance.”  1317 T 01 02 17