Our ‘Insoluble’ Problem ?

– is:-

Everything we do is feeding and supporting the runaway-destructive-world-civilisation Disposition
and the time-entrenched [unalterable-in-time-to-save Life on Earth] Constitutions, Individually-Capitalistic Ownerships and Super-Rich-Cartels.

For all the good work been done in Education and Human-development,
by constructively-leaderful people in thousands

[not just by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jung, Mother Theresa, and a few tens of others]

their work has only been subverted to the dominantly militant and “deludedly socially-mobile” imbalanced Needs-&-Hows pyramid,
and by the monopolistic “growth” fantasies and ‘winner-takes-all’ experimentations,
of a very few rich and power-exploiting individuals and their covertly–oligarchic cartels –
‘Gorgons-Head’ sufficient to remain overall autocratically posing as both “democracies”,  “one-party-benevolent states”, and “development companies”.

Whatever brilliant knowledge and know-how advance is made, it’s benefits and ‘profits’ become the additional autocratic powers, ‘weapons’, and ‘ammunition’
of the World-Human-Plague Growing Ownership Establishment.


That “seen through”,

I am increasing my purchases of the best “real-life-and lifeplace-leadership” works
[e.g. The Moving Centre by Hendricks (Kathryn) & Hendricks (Guy)

and Riding the Horse Backwards by Mindell (Amy) & Mindell (Arnold).]

and I would encourage the ‘EarthLife-survival concerned person’ to do likewise…

————— 0340 Tuesday 01 February 2017 (gone ‘off-duty’ to do one of the banking-up chores and be horizontal awhile’—————–