How true might it be … ?


(i)  whilst Bio-Nature is still “rough and red in tooth and claw”,
“It” still consumes only 10% of its regular natural eco-pyramid lifesupport ‘layer’ ?

(ii) our humankind is “plague-proportioning” this Living-Earth
and “runaway” consuming, wasting, extincting and irreversibly destroying

our and other lifeforms’ bio- and non-bio lifesupports,,

in many cases consuming and/or destroying 100% of many of this Earth’s Lifesupports

and that being done beyond any possibility of our
[so far also ‘inhibitively-destroyed’ participatively-democratic]

and in the usurped and false  “human-rights-name” of luxury living, and of “winner-takes-all” own-species weakening and destroying ?


Go on, now prepare your answer –  how true are these matters ?
Therein focally, how factorial and factual might they be  ?


Wishing you a truly sustainworthy-ing life and ‘hereafter’;