So What’s the Outlook for Human-Civilisations and for Earth’s-Lifesupportiveness ?

Both bleak:
many specialist analysts say “Already totally terminal”.

(Let us seek cool-ness, even for just a ‘bleak’ moment, please):-
(1a)  .Our ‘governors’ have a huge surfeit of militantly -destructive and genocide-capable armed-forces, and munitions stockpiles, all over the world:
(1b)   Those armies and ‘workforces’, with their weapons and ‘tools’ of mass-destruction, are not going to be content with anything but fullest use of their ‘powers’.
(1c)    There is a huge overpopulation, contending for an insufficiency, and a very rapidly decreasing quantity-&-quality, of Lifesupports.

(1d)  Mass-Voluntary-Euthasia failing – we have a ready-made solution as a sub-conclusion already:
“We shall need those Armies to “contain” those plague-numbers and levels of human- population.”.


(2)  Prospects for a “Peaceful-Solution

(2a)  No nation , nor any effectyive-group within the Unitewd Nations, has any such peaceful-solution:

if they had, we should have heard by now, been fully-inbformed, ‘briefed’, and each and all already be a proactively cooperating part of it.

(3)  Since there is no effective Civilisational Plan to be
A. Making every individual-human “self-and-neighbourhood sustain-worthy-ing”,
B. Implementing an Holistic Health Building Service, worldwide :

C.  It is “every man for himself”

————– (which begins to look uncomfortably as if these Not-for-Profit.Power nor Prestige e-sites 

have been little better than 
“lone-wolf-voices howling in the dark”
wasting everyones’ time) —————