“It’s Never Too Late To Mend”

Even ‘though it is now increasingly too late
to save our Food & Water Lifesupports from extinction,
and the Earth’s Mineral-Wealth, and Travel & Heating-Fuels, from increasing depletion and further irreversible wastage and destruction,

and too late for anyone to save our various populations
from increasing disease, delusion, and depressive warmongerings,

it certainly is not too late to increase our individual
and possibly small-neighbourhood-groups
and enjoyment of “whatever’s left of Life”.

Even whilst the “socially-mobile” professional people-pyramids are “increasing their ‘earnings'”
and “feathering their own nests”
with multiple human-livings –
[in the case of the most-class-and-self-deluded topmost, most efficient, most-productive, highest-‘earning’,’most-experienced’, and ‘indispensable’ people,
to the tune of tens and hundreds of human-livings each per week]

it is still possible to ‘separate’ one’s-self from all of that wastage, and multi-focus upon “co-sustain-worthy-ing” –

and  should “co-sustain-worthy-ing” neighbours and services fail,

you can still be self-improving – alone;

and the not-for-profit, power nor prestige Guidance Sources freely shown
on the ‘New-as-well-as-Old-Basics’ pages in
will reward you in some proportion to the daily time you allow them to lead and further life-educate you, as distinct from
Career and Workplace Skills-Training you – this latter being probably more “destructrive” of Life-on-Earth
and of our longest-term Needs towards space-emigration to an “Earth-2” elsewhere in this or another Galaxy.

{one newly arrived personal-guidance book at this voluntary Lifework-station is helpful
for delivering yourself from any suppressed or uninformed ancestral families and from any ‘unaware’ family faults or failings:  

It Didn’t Start With You   by Mark Wolynn (2016)

{“} how inherited family wounds, shortcomings,and disasters still ‘shape’ who we are and how we get along, and how to end the cycle {“}