Supposing there’s a time-limit to each Alternative-Way-Forward ?

  • and that we’ve not only completely missed
    all Sustain-worthy Ways
    [that’s if there might have been more than just the one “Sustainworthying-One-Human-Living” Way]
  • and are in fact increasingly worsening the Delusory-Pyramidal-Path we “think” is winning our Human-Cause  “better and better” ?
  • and now, that there might possibly be a “better” alternative than either our “present traditionally world-winning hugely-consuming & hugely overpopuilating global-civilisation”  or that “One-Human-Living” Way;but that also
  • there might be a non-totally-self-extinctional but not-much-worse alternative to both that “trad-progressive” one we’re in effect all on,
    and the “comfortably-frugal” ‘one-human-living’ we could have chosen, or might still have time to choose?..

    What might these further alternatives (reasonably) be ?

  • {Suggestion:  There is but one solution, “Euthanasia” having two ‘prongs’:
    (1)  Worldwide Happy Hearty Holiday Islands, staffed by “Happy Ending Hosts and Hostesses; ending with happy voluntary mass-euthanasias
    (2)  Register as a “Happy-Ending Host” (or Hostess) on “The Waiting-List”
    already being planned and foundationally-implemented by “confidential closed-circles”
    who have been secretly ballot-appointed by a Core of Millionaires, Billionaires and Trillionaires,
    and whose Consensus Master Plan is to themselves ultimately decide,
    of the remaining “sustainable” world population,
    those who also “need” euthanasia
    or be otherwise efficiently given some other ‘happy-ending’..

    (Publisher):- Let me know where that “The Waiting List” can be found: I promise I won’t ever publish it.  Thank you.