Where To Now Sustainworthiness-ing ?

Every-body’s already irreversibly funked-out-of
or fully-engaged
currently-for-their-longest-term-future, in funking-out of
Sustainworthiness and sustainworthy-ing.

Why any one keep on striving to be sustain-worthy-ing, then ?

Where’s there a truly Sustainworthy Place, anywhere on this Planet Earth ?,

Where around Plymouth, or anywhere in Britain come to that,
are there even just a few  truly Sustainworthy-ing people constitutionally-associated or associating thereto ?

The old-fashioned term comes rushing back to mind – 


where are they all disappearing to ?.

There’s an insidiously Big British “Black-Hole” at work somewhere,
as well as similarly positioned Black-Holes in key populations all round the World,

sucking-in and enslaving both unaware and unthinking individuals and  armies of ‘party-members’
wheresoever they think themselves officially, patrioticly, religiously, encastellated –
or safely-hiding
even by simply day-to-day lurking, in-whatever-shadows are available.