What Would You Think of This – ?

“It’s no good carrying the trillionaires and billionaires – ” 

Our first “by return” response has been already “benefit-of-the-doubt” released for public-viewing :-

“Where do the poor millionaires fit into this “make them carry theirselves, stand on their own two feet,

 come down from their deluded-almighty-luxury-fantasy-castles-in-the-air
and put their shoulders to the Wheel …”  
– live off just one-human-living each, 

“begin and never cease ” ?


———-unfortunately we are severely undermanned, down-under here in the “Sinderella-Sustainworthying Sinking Ship” —–
—– and have to go choring; and self-therapying; and neighbour-helping ——-
————— yet one can still hope to be back, to start trying to catch up with you-all again —-  by midnight tonight ….. pre-midday F 27 January 2017 ——
—— Peace ——-