Situation Appraisal & Making an Appreciation-for-Action

  Life on this Earth is being over-extincted ,
and non-renewable life-supports are still being one-way ‘wantonly’ destroyed, by our human-technological “armaments” and “over-populatings”..

Also, human-civilisation has “lost its way” by constructing a world-wide non-sustain-worthy and longest-term unsustainable ”
social, financial, economic and rule-of-law long-term-life-failing Tower-of-Babble”.


An instance of non-sustainworthiness is the Hitler Third Reich
which, if had ‘won’ ww2 might well have been “sustain-able” for more than a thousand years;

but the problem was that from the beginning it non-sustain-worthy;

and in the even deeper historic “shadow”,
so were the foreign countries’ short and longest-term Policies unworthy,,
who had become the main causes of German’s post-ww1 “backs-to-the-wall “on their knees”
externally-oppressed and “near-starvation” imposed predicament.

Now we, all of the countries, all around the World,
are in a deeper and much more serious and All-of-Life Extincting and One-Way-Destroying  insidious Predicament –

and because we have not as national governments (top-down|)
nor as small groups of neighbouring-people (bottom-up)

set about practising Method III of ‘No Lose’ Cooperative Needs & Hows Recognition and Problem Solving

we remain self-disabling from making
(1) our human civilisation longest-tyerm Sustain-worthy
(2) making our-individual-self and immediately neighbouring population positively oooperative, progressively constructive, and holisticly health-building.

Where and what-for is the Emulable Leadership steering us ?

———–we break until tomorrow, when we shall continue the following Open-Scrutiny :   ———-

(1) Handbook for The Positive Revolution by Edward de Bono,
is without doubt an excellent introductory work and we must use it;                                                                                 notwithstanding that it has not yet succeeded in bringing about its main definiens, objectives, and ‘sine qua non’ such as