A Peacefully-Revolutionary End to Individual Capitalism and a ‘Quantum-Jump’ Into a “Sustainworthying”-Civilisation

Source Guidances:-
Perceptual Self Control   W.T. Powers, et al ;


Mindset  Caroline Dweck, et al :


Leader Effectiveness Training  Thomas Gordon;
People Skills Robert Bolton;
Joining Together Johnson & Johnson;
Health Care Together Johnston & Rifkin;
Land Care Together Chamala & Mortiss; … / …/ et al ;


Relaxercise Bersin, Bersin and Reese;
The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement Frank Wildman [upon the Moshe Feldenkrais foundational=work;
The New ‘Rules’ of ‘Posture’ Mary Bond;
Wisdom of the Body Moving Linda Hartley;
Somatics Thomas Hanna;
Creative Visualisation Ronald Shone
Inner Work Robert A.Johnston
Working On Yourself Alone
Arnold Mindell.


Your Body Beata Jencks;


The Centering Book Hendricks & Wills;
The Second Centering Book Hendricks & Roberts;
The Moving Center Hendricks G & Hendricks K;


Recovering Alone from Earlier Life Traumas  (a few different sources)


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