Figuring Priorities

Scenario #1 :- Supposing there are neither “good” nor “bad” extra-terrestrials, manipulating only the Human Race on Earth;

then some unknown factor has caused our “wasreful and destructive aggression upon Earth’s Lifesupports” and our “massive over-population of this finitely-limited PLanet “Earth”.;
but has left us to “sort out our own mess or perish”.

Scenario ~2 :-  Supposing we are being “farmed” by extraterrestrials, such that as soon as they have completed their construction of enough “intergalactic population-carrying spaceships”, they will start loading us by the tens-of-millions into those millions of spaceships bound for may Earth-like planets, to continuje work they themselves are somehow not able to do, namely construct civilisations and slave away at extracting nthe vitals out of each of those further “Earths” ? ..-
[  The only difference between “good” and “bad” extraterrestrials being their Purposes, the “good” ones would treat us humanely,
whereas the “bad” would simply enslave us “expendably” –

(as Armies of humans today on this planet Earth still do for instance the Japanese Imperial Forces in WW2).

Other scenarios there may be; yet they all appear to be

“leaving us to self-and-collective holistic-health build whilst also preserving and conserving worldwide Lifesupports and human-civilisations.

In the latter
“out-of-control zooming-populations ‘human-plague levels” VERSUS
“Earth’s dwindling Lifesupports being irreversibly used-up by this ‘human-plague’ upon them;

our obvious Tasks are

(1)  Stop having so many babies: our worldwide population may need to be rapidly reduced to a ‘mere’ half-a-billion
[that’s 500,000,000 – whereas we are already more than 14 times that number and running-away to reach double that to 28 times the limit in the next 100 years.].

Therfefore, calculators in hand please, and figure out many years it would take us to come back down to half-a-billion if we limited the world birthrate to a “minus” number, and let people go on dying natural deaths.  How long will we take to “lose” almost 7 billion people ?

(2) Start limiting each human-being to “one-human-living”;

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