The “Carry-Forwardable” VERSUS “The Sustainworthily Carry-Forwardable”.

Given that our shortest-term,
as well as our Longest-Term,
need to have past-knowledges –
and especially know-hows,
kept in, or brought into, use;

and that some of these need to be longest-term sustain-worthy BUT also immediately high-priority
BUT happen to be NOT yet “ready, willing and able”

we have “CARRY-FORWARD-ABILITY” as an important and urgent current Task. //

On our desk here
(which so far less than twenty sober-minded people have been to and seen, and been impressed by)
we have one of the key-skilling books of our 1000s -of-years of Militant-Civilisation Era –
which, because there are still plenty of new Bloody-Wars
being prepared to break-out
as well as those that have already broken out,
including “unresolved wars” which have not yet
been politically, socially, economically, culturally, utilitarianly, Method III-Cooperatively, judiciously, nor peacefully, resolved –
(“) “armistice but not peace-resulting wars” such as  North against South Korea; Libya-against-Libya; {IS /  AlQaeda / … versus innumerable Other States};
and “internecine”, “Legally Undercover ‘Social’ Bodies (‘Ku-Klux-Klan’-like); Illegally “Vigilante” Bodies and Gangs; National-and-International Triads and  Mafia-like ‘wars'”;  and “Cold” and “Economic, Industrially, and Religiously- ‘Competitive’ conflicts”, & various ‘cold’ wars and feuds (“)..

So we think we should be carrying-forward Operational Logistics 2nd edition by Moshe Kress “The Art and Science of Sustaining Military Operations
under the Governance-Heading of Management for Professionals.


Shall we ‘run through’ this Operational Logistics, as a “key items short course” for Carry Forward-ability ? –
within either or  ?

Your comments and suggestions please ‘by return’