Declaration of Peacefully-Revolutionary Dissidency,


Declaration of Peacefully-Revolutionary Dissidency:- “Method III Cooperative Needs & Problems Solving” and “One-Human-Living” – based.

I, Mr John Sydney Denton Miles currently of 39B Miles Mitchell Avenue, in the Housing Association Estate of Miles Mitchell
under the  Affinity Sutton (and Partner) Housing Association. PL6 5LY, Plymourh, Devonshire, .England, U.K..

do hereby make this solemn declaration of and personal-commitment to
Peacefully Revolutionary Dissidency on a basis of Individual and Collective Sustain-worthy-ing, using

(i)    Method III Cooperative Needs and Problems Solving,
(ii)  “One-Human-Living”.  and
(iii)  Holistic Health Individual & Mutual-Group Building.;

all in accordance with published guidances listed within pages of  and (primarily in the ‘Basics’ pages).

Acknowledgements and comments are invited from the general world public.