A concerned reader asks for “Sense”

Taking your questions in some order of ‘priority’:-

 “What is this “New World Composite Language” ?
It would (should) be
(1) at first a Supplement to the de-facto World-English language, growing to
(2) ASAP replace World-English; and be

(3) Made up of keywords, phrases and terminology drawn from every currently in-use language in the world –

(4) compiled to represent foremostly every Life-Need (of all of this Earth’s biomes)
and therein every human-need –

and to include the respectively active “hows” for best* (most affordably) meeting each need
[* for “best” – meeting our Needs :-  many people would probably prefer the more essentially strategic term “sustain-worthily”-meeting…]..
So firstly, We, and arguably urgently this Living Earth, both need
a much more efficient world-language than either English or Esperanto;
and couldn’t we,  ‘English-language-descriptively’ call such,
“A Composite World Language” ?
I’d let that attempt at sketching an answer to that main concern run first
thereby also seeing what any other participant(s) might have to say;
and then if need be turn to your more emotional and maybe “contrasting world views” questions :-
“What are you going on about ????????
“(Since) nothing you have written makes sense in any language,
and half of the words are not known in any earth spoken language…
Do you make them up ????”.
Yours sincerely,
Publisher. http://lifefresh.net .