Few … now it’s only You and I …

The Unbelievably Hugely “Powerful”, “Subtle”, “Artistic”, and “Transcendentally-Personal-as-well-as-Ruthless” Unconscious-Mind

often ‘hints’ to us ¬†(that)


[(“)] Either ‘femininely’ or ‘masculinely’, one experiences the Collective-Living time-&-sense-frame “elsewhere than in this here-and-now” dream or awake ‘world’ [(“)]’


Thus after awaking, one is ‘visited’
by the ‘thought’ that one is not the only “person, citizen _ _ _” ¬†(enjoying or suffering the dream or the wide-awake-reality);

One’s Intelligence (Sensory Limbic brain) tells us that, so far;


It is our Intellect that visits us later,
(super-limbic, ‘detached-thinking higher’ brain)
and that may be ‘last-of-all’, and not ‘suddenly’,
because “now there’s no danger, no need to take-evasive-action nor to ‘panic’.
The intellect’s-memory has “been here before”,
from the beghinning safely-consciously knowing that
out of 7-billion human-beings it is most highly probable that many more than just mutually-anonymous-and-hidden-from-each-other ‘you and me’
are experiencing an unusually poignant or ‘bizarre’ ‘lonesomeness –

or a company in relative numbers very “few” –

or especially experience when ‘coming up’ out of a nightmare of a very real and deeply emotional and energic “phew”…


[ Little reminder: ¬†suchlike always “continuable” ]