The Three Ways Ahead Unavoidable.

Whilst we in administration  learn how to “draw” online, would you kindly
draw a wide “mouthed” Y,  and extend its upright upwards to form a ‘closed-bottom ‘W.  [A Triple-“Fork-in-the-Road]

Road-map-wise as The Human Race On Earth1, we are coming up the central stem path
and are now already in sight of the following Three-Ways ahead:-

The right fork is fadingly-named the
“Carryon Civilisation Mainroad”

the Left is intended to be called the
but hasn’t yet been legislated permission to be so called nor to so call itself [due to its “excessive verbossity [sic]”;

likewise the central way ahead, being the
“Mutual-Sustainworthy-ing Kitchen-Gardens Long-Lease ‘No Lose’ Cooperative Dwellings Estate Trust [or Trust Estate]”

has no signpost yet approved for,
nor “de-facto erected on”,


Y-Our Task:is therefore  a Triple-Barreled one –
(i)    List the essential Purpose and Needs-&-Hows for each such way-ahead, longest-term* ;
(ii)   Describe how each may be best “maximally-effectivised” including “co-effectivised”;
(iii)  Suggest a briefest clear-sense Name for each way, and a “New Sustainworthy-ing Borough” name for the surrounding area of all three.
*  ‘longest-term’ could be more than a million years but must not be less than 10,000 years:
‘cetera paribus’,
but including a reasonably probable Space-Emigration achievement
or ‘Extra-Terrestrial Intervention Event’
before such 10,000 years timeframe expires.

NB  ‘Premature’ Total Extinction or ‘Act-of-God’ Events,
such as by a ‘bulls-eye’ Gamma Ray Burst or any other Life-Inhibiting, Extincting or Destroying event,
must not be included in this MainTask
but may be briefly mentioned provided xlear brief relevance and justification is shown in an introduction, footnotes, and both endnotes and bibliography.


Supporters of and/or of  are also welcome to participate, of course.
——–Up-dated  T06102020.