Facts OverShadow Fancies

The British Isles resident is consuming 5-times more than
(1) s/he long-term-=survivably and thrivably Needs
(2)  this Living Earth can support.

Were you in favour of “European-Union”
or of “Brexit” ?

Now you still have plenty more time to “democraticly-decide” in favour of a “hard-landing” Brexit
or a “soft” one;
unless of course your leaders have to cut-in and make such a Big-Decision “on your behalf”.


Meanwhile, regardless of Britain’s ‘mere-sprinkling’ of 64 million residents
{less than 1% of the Total 7 billion plus and rocketing human-population
requiring all lifesupports “now”,  and longest-term Lifesupports for 11 billion heads and mouths in the next 100 years…,
their share of places in the ultimate Space-Fleet to the “next Earth”),

these is “whole-worlds” of peoples and Civilisations
with their contrasting and conflicting Sovereign-Power Nations, ‘communities’, and neighbourhoods,
all around the World,
are already slithering increasingly down the biggest insidious slippery-slope ever, into Mega-Collapse… { … unless …see next Post if and when we have Time …)


That’s all un-English alarmist fantasy” – “English is the World language now and will lead us through” –
“the Union Jack will always fly safe and sound, a symbol of security and good-sense to all the World” …



—— Sleep Tight — we need to bring One-Human-Living and Life-Refreshment up-to-the-minute— before signing-out for self-maintenance and chores ——–