After it long appearing
that both www.one-human-living  and  www.lifefresh.co.uk

must be complete failures,
there being not one Comment nor Public-Discussion for year after year;

and after our professional technical and educational advisers found a newer way to “reach a cooperative public”

but we are finding again –  no-one is responding –

definitely total failures  –


wait a minute  –   cometh a non-fiction piece of knowledge, that numbers of visitors to the sites has been steadily increasing all the while –

which shows that thousands, and possibly millions of real live people,
have been gaining both new Knowledge and new Know-Hows from the sites –  but are doing any commenting and discussion elsewhere –

in turn meaning that both our short and our longest-term Sustainworthy-ing strategies, knowledges and know-hows sharing
are alive, well,
and securely if “secretly”
“growing” .

For me, that is more than mere “No news is Good news” –
it actually spells a “hidden public response” of
“Your presentation and advancement of Sustainworthy-ing,
‘though too-often clown-like amateurish,
is nonetheless being received
(by probably much more insightful levels, & persuasions of people than ever this “voluntary-not-for-profit administration” will become)
100% successfully !