Lifesupports –

The Dominant Global Human-Civilisation is now a “past-the-point-of-no-return” Runaway Pyramid;

but Brexit-Britain considers itself already ‘safe’,
now having its own upcoming-independent
“National Brexit  Runaway-Pyramid” –

which is for us all to start learning
how best to further boast-to-our-English-speaking wide-world about
based on our now strongly up-trending English-Based Best British Economics and Benevolently Oligarchic British Democratic Successes.

Nevertheless, it now looks to be “Globally and Britishly” too late
to make your-self sustainworthy
and/or to be sustainworthy-ing of your civilised-neighbourhood
if you aren’t already foresworn so to be doing and are daily doing.

——–  we break for chores and self-maintenance ———-  visit  and/or  .

before it’s too late too  – at 1515 under an empty cold sky  –

Feeding the birds :

[pity we can’t have a kitchen-garden, should be a “human-right”

  • we could be feeding you
  • instead
  • or as well –  couldn’t we  ?]

1520 061020.