Know The Bad Situations Too

It was a pulpit preacher I recall ‘scolding’ a Christian congregation
“There’s a new “Explicit Sex-Cinema” opened up in town:
now, before you think or say one word about that, go and watch it right through,
and mark the factualities and the fantasies of the scenes and the words,
and especially “lay-hold-on” your own body and mind feelings, thoughts and responses.

Then come back here
where I have already booked the big hall for a number of small round tables, for small group focused-conversation, and afternoon refreshments,
and a big whiteboard to collect every-one’s findings or feelings.
Let’s do this for other Topics too, on a regular weekly basis, in the name of Truth, Discernment, and of Faith, Hope and Charity !”

[“And now to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

be ascribed all might, majesty, dominion and power,

this day and for evermore.  Amen”.].


We “sustainworthying-ers” likewise need to identify our “enemies” and “sabotaging-moles”,
in order to maintain and defend our Sustainworthy-ing efforts and longest-term strategy.

So here on the Sustainworthy-ing desk there now stands open
The World In Conflict: 
Understanding the world’s conflicts; by John Andrews 2015;

and we’re going to attempt skimming through it
for both textual and background-contextual insights;
in  and ;
and we call the new pages,
“World Shadows” (with John Andrews, and other sources to be selected as we go along)
and “Personal Shadows” (with Robert A.Johnson, and others) – respectively.

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