2017 Sustain-Worthy-ing Alone and Together

It is so simple

and insidiously “buried”

your every breath, mouthful, and movement is
(1)  totally serving the Traditional Individual Capitalism
(the One that has already
all Life on Earth –

not just our Luxury Human Lifesupports
nor merely
 the nearly 8 billion whole seething
of us ‘Human- Race-rs’
but “mandatorily”
of All of Earth’s major Lifesuppots.

you are committed to quantum-striding peacefully-revolutionary
Civilisation Reform and Sustain-worthy-ing.
i.e. to
(2)  “Alternatively” “Saving the Planet”, “Sustain-worthy-ing”
(a) Lone-Individually
(b) Secret-small-grouply,

or under the similarly “secret” but worldwide

(c) Low-Profiling Mass of People-and-Lifesupports
as an “Earthlife Strengthening Movement”
wherein all
except the ‘real-top-leaders-and PhD-professionals’ 
who are already “dug-in”
communicating only strictly between each other
[and with  “none other”]

all non-leaders
are held “incommunicado”.-

{That’s you and me,
we are now needed to be the
longest-term “doers”
never “word-smiths” nor “thinkers”,
nor “proactively participative people” ‘
except as
the Lifesuppors-Getters
of the Lifesuppots
that we must provide to the top “real-leaders”.

we who now of
in turneed to also be being – 
 ‘to a man’ –

“out to conserve this Planet’s Fuel-Stocks
and to only Top-Priority and Efficiently
‘Eke-Them-Out’ –

(instead of “wasting” most of them under pretexts
such as
“Nothing Else on Earth But Us Humans
These Left-Over Fuels from the Ground”

and as ‘Vital Energy'” that “Nothing’s Ever Wasted Anyway”).

such that the future ‘Successfully-Seething-Mass
of 20 billion and more human mouths
can be comfortably fed
in the manner to which we are accustomed;

and the left overs be likewise
be  comfortably recycled –
such as through pigs and poultry. 

————– …

This “Top Secret Co-Sustainworthying Leaders Group”
has many sober names to its
“altruisticly thrifty board-room” –
but main speakers include Werner and Klein. 
Sir David Attenborough.

Meanwhile, please eee also 
www.lifefresh.co.uk  page “Let’s Begin”
 “Preparations”; “Basics” and “Foubations”.. 


With The 2020-21 Seasons Greetings To You One and All

Corrected and Up-dated 1725 W 30092020