What Is Your Need & Especially “How” ? to 030118

Your innermost, divinely-innate sevenfold-energy=centres are direct between you and ‘God’ [‘The Creator’]:

thus the duty of both State and Religion is to nurture them, and  to continually do so “holisticly” in each differently-individual human being.


Thus also, an essential life-enablement is finding and effectively self-applying your individual needs – both ‘known’ and ‘so far unknown’ to you
e.g.  the many,and vital, parts of your Imagination [see Your Body – biofeedback at its best without instruments, macginery, and artificiality (by Beata Jenck a world-lading hman-development researcher and professor0
se also how to utilise your self-palpation potential e.g. in  “pressure-points” and -“”trigger points”:

[ for general instance, currently this publisher has found a group of ‘healing-points’ around a suddenly-“arthritic trigger-thumb” {Leon Chaitow is the professional Palpation leader and books.author].:


so should we let this be shared –

both “life-refreshingly’ and ‘one-human-livingly’.


What are your findings –

could you share them ?

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