How Will We Survive: How ?

How are you “getting-around” the “burgeoning-armadas-of-facts”that show “Us-Humankind-to-be-Self-&-Earthlife-Extincting” ?—————Just What is the “God-” or Scientific -” or “Historical-“Factor that warrants your “reasoning” & “belief” that you are both “alone doing-enough-to-survive” and “together being overall- sustainworthying enough” ?=============== There is no…


RITUALISTICLY* 1 As a kind of “interim-x-shapingsideways-&-back ‘marking-time’ to-and-fro-ing “. {such as in the ‘Zorba-the-Greek’ ‘Paul-Jones’ kind of “side-by-side-ing”“three-legged-dancing”} ================================ * RITUAL is a way of “marking-time”,of“picking-at-the-Gordian-Knot”,or of“marching repeatedly around Jericho’s walls”and of “biding-the-time”


‘XYZ’ is a person and, at that, is a “Lone Self-&-Civilisation Sustainworthying Non-Paygraded Volunteer” – who has just woken up, in a comfortable bed, but in mildly ‘throbbing’ and ‘tweaking’ pain coming from some deep body bruises delivered last week…

Our Civilisation is ‘Sinking’

Every current civilisation is ‘sinking’ – i.e. is ‘insidiously-failing’ – because whilst key-essential non-fictional Facts have been and are being found and beingworldwide-publicly reported – such as via trustworthy and ‘official’ Scientists & ‘public-host’ David Attenborough together in the TV…

Our Knowledge Needs.

As well as “Self-Awarenessing”we need to be progressively-better “Environmental Knowledge Advancing”. ENVISIONED-INSTANTIATION Certainly any responsible-&-response-able “David-Attenborough-Earthlife-Foundation” and World-Movement should be compiling a Great Encyclopaedia of Planet Earth Lifeforms’ Needs, Hows and Prospects.