.. pm –  is two minimum-groups  – of three in each – what then the minimum Plenum for a world-wide Effectively Co-Sustainworthy-ing Parttcipatory-Democracy ? ——————-   1801  duties, other, in-now-need  ——-> 1804

Difficulties –

– . 0300 —–> 0430 . “Threesomes”  we said, because of the “criminality” of “triads”; so how abouit “trios”  ?  that should be fairly reliably clean-&-clear ? RSVP a toutes jambes 0327

The Greate Scrutiny Agenda

. . The Great Scrutiny Agenda  Needs Every-One’s Needs and Questions – from every one of our  8-Billion human-population on this Earth so start fromulating your needs and questions whilst we attempt to “guesstimate” what is already on the “select-private-elite’s”…

0300 St 160917 —> Balancing pleas 0401

. “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto to God that which is God’s”  [The Holy Bible].- “Let the prevailing Global Human Civilisation be the Dominant – and thereby “only” empowered civilisation, organisation, “body”,  “legal-entity”,  institution, association, club,…