– At root, “pro-testing” is actually NOT about “rebelling-against” but “standing-up for”. therefore we have many Needs and otherwise “carry-forwardable sustain-worthy ‘wants’ too” to be pro-testing….

How Clarify “Our ‘Togetherness'” ?

Well, here it is midnight – and no responses  – let’s leave it overnight- This is a really tough-one – very probably for every-one:  involved, non-involved, and uninvolved,  too.. From ‘scratch’ : 1. “Pulling oneself together” – all of one’s…

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 Sorry I’m late, folks 0919  ———–>  kindly carry-on  didadididi dadidididida dididadidadadit 0922 didadidadit Booked top be in our SW Dart-worthy Hexagon 1400Today-Tuesday 0925 preparing now ———> awaiting a solving-of-password-sharing ,  now  0953

Dead : No Responses

– Now 0245 gone and no sign of any incoming comment – –  or am I and “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movements” to continue being “excluded”, “shut-out”  ? so this lone-watchdog needs to take rest. checking for input whenever possible .  …

Upcoming briefs ————>

– 1915 Monday 150118 . Tomorrow Tuesday Continuing this Topic with a new post “Mind-Mapping Our Situation and/or Predicament” 1920 ^^^^^^^ ====================================  My’ and “Our” Situation – We still appear to be desperately short of a Common Longest Term Human-Race…