or “Blackening ?”

Poland – from bad to worse by Baroness Deech • 24/05/2017 • 5 Comments I have written on previous occasions about Poland’s slide towards authoritarianism and its reversion to its past system of dictatorship (sometimes there is little to choose between the fascist and…

The UK “Death-Row” Predicament

Due to Britain’s continuing Lifeplace’s total lack – of both Individual Human Development and Holistic Health-Co-Building Services and Associations – [ in turn due to de-facto “hidden” lack – of constitutional support, legislative enablement, and affordably-sustainworthy social-implementation – ] not…

Creation – [ ing }

……………………………..  –  and on the next part of the Day-of-The-Creation-of-Man  – God created the Option of Not-Believing ======================   Discuss  ==================== 0742

The Life Balance

This is the way “our” so-called human-civilisational strategic-experts are “balancing” the equation “we are all in together” :- { { (Huge-Over-Populatings) + (One-Way-Lifesupports-Destructive-and Extincting “Competitively Technological-Global-Economics”) + (Backed-Up by Rule-of-Law Democraticly Decided Massively-Human-Life–Destroying Military-Weapons & Millions of “Boots-Bayonets-and-Bombs on-the-Ground”) =…

WANTED: Helpers

  an elderly man needs both hands-on bedsit-flat-clearing and cleaning – and personal-help to follow a course of self-healing work John Miles  39B Miles Mitchell avenue   PL6 n5LY 07936035565