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'Pure' Midlands English: born Torquay 1927; Saltash Boy Scouts St Stephens choir, ACF and JTC leader, CD messenger; pianist and accompanist Roy Saunders band and Doug Larsen's variety-entertainment group. Plymouth College & Plymouth Technical College ww2 ; farming and military holiday camps. ('en route' played Leamington Spa organs, and the Coventry cathedral organ before it was blitzed). Regular Army RMASandhurst intake 1; active service Middle-East & Malaya; Keele university 1954 only illness > Jungian Withymead Centre; Dartington Hall summer-school. Ex-Servicemen's Association Leatherhead, Parish chuirch assistant organist:, accompanist and chorus-member the local Amateur Operatic and Revue society. Re-trained Electronics servicing St Loyes Exeter. Croydon met Polish-Australian widow companionship-of-circumstance; emigrated to Australia 1971; Healesville Victoria; played the best hotels in Melbourne (restaurants, weddings, piano and organ); June 1980 seriously hit by speeding motor-car; convalesced Brisbane and re-settled north side; Toastmasters International CTM and CL levels; Hendra College distinction in Logic & Philosophy 1985; University of South Queensland General Studies entrance requirements couirse and exam passed; other circumstances interrupted, repatriated to Plymouth 2001. Welcomed by MIND Oasis management committee, by St Andrews and Emmanuel churches - however, my experience and peaceful-radical-reform persuasion were not welcome (and still are not). Likewise all Government and Non-Government organisations 'react' against the published advances in Human Development and Holistic Health building Knowledge and Know-How, that I proactively support. 2006 due to my previous companion's 'privation' in Australia, under some considerable duress she emigrated to Plymouth "to be near her only remaining friend in the world". In 2013 at a joint authorities meeting in Windsor House Plymouth, PCC Adult Social Services asked me to become Ms L's "24/7 safety, security and personal voluntary unpaid Carer" and I agreed, confirming in writing including my notes on the meeting and on our much-needed Holistic Health building and lists of leaderful Sources thereto.. [PCC still has not issued the Minutes & Notes; nor have any of the other participants been effectively helpful]. Discrimination, however, did set in: from neighbours and from some authorities themselves, making this great-grandmother caree 'homeless' and 'demonised' such that since 2014 she has had to be sleeping on a mattress in one corner of my single. bedsit-flat - and weekly the PCC and Devon Home Choice have been sending her "available accommodation" lists, none of which ever meet her registered needs, nor mine as her voluntary unpaid 24/7 carer and companion (PCC no. P77099). In 2004 I began online communication, and began the website (and one called showing my 'picture'); followed in May 2010 by discovery of the House of Lords's small-group "two-way democratic reach-out to the Public" who have since verbatim published over 500 of my submissions, on topics presented for public comment by a 'concerned' Lord or Baroness's concern, usually about something happening-in or passing-through Parliament. 'topping' the search-engine list nevertheless has never resulted in anything but "spam" coming in;, so I launched - but with the same "frozen" public result (although now free from spam). Now a new possibility has come along, (with me jsdm as the front desk "publisher chair") so we are taking it: for a much wider-reaching topics and issues website than the Lords of the Blog and more serious-open-discussion and facilitating , but based on the same kind of Wordpress design. and can act as "supportive side-tables" to a central "peoples-participative-round-table" -namely . Welcome ! - but we shall have some quite serious "Lifeplace" self-and-others enabling to be done, and to be done "in our own time" and clearly outside of all Workplaces, Career-Ladders, and 'Establishmentarian Social-Mobility-Competitive' "working-hours". Peace. .'Johnnessdeem' - John Sydney Denton Miles - "jsdm-of-39B1, PL65LY, UK. 1600 Friday 16 December 2016


Both with and soon-eventually within already-our-already“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing “[Movement-Improvement]“One-in-All-&-All-in-One”-ings … We’re past wanting and increasingly-urgently and importantly needing an “open-to-every-one” co-sustain-worthy-ing learning, practicing’ and doing – Placeand 24/7/52 assured Timeframing .


“Exercise1.1 the first in Johnson-& Johnson ‘s Joining Together 4th ed 1991Advises us [“requires” career-registered students] to (i) List every-thing [jsdm] you do in a typical day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.(ii) Delete from yourn…

Co-Collecting “Must-be’s”

Both “Foundationals” and “Sine Qua Nons”* are “must-be’s” So also are such HeadTerms as ‘Basics’, Pre-Requisites, ‘Mandatories’. Andin downwards-diminishing order we might allow‘Qualifications’ to be axiomatic ** ‘pragmatically-necessary’, —— – but we’re talking there of “Humankind-Essentials” such as have become…

The “O & O” Sine Qua Non

The (absolutely-essential first-&-primarily can’t-begin-without)ampersandpre-non-negotiabletherefore-one-&-onlyessential – already must-have-been … SOMETHING ~ “something-or-other” and since, already following, ‘was’ now ‘must-be-or-not-be’“is” thenour one-and-only-connective must be(“TALLY-HO–>” – like ) Let’s be getting on with it … 1206 gone

Fallacious Foundations ?

The post below [“Re-Foundationing – possible?”]contains a ‘glaring’ fallacy: an historic instance of which is possibly still very-much-with-us “Both the USSR and the USA have enough nuclear-bombs to destroy the world 27-times over“.————– To which the first “How To ‘Win’…

Re-Foundationing – possible ?

It is becoming clearer and clearerthat all human-civilisations so far have been not so much “not-fit-for-purpose” *as faultily-and-therefore- fatallyfounded otherwise they would none of them have failed ? – as ours is now failing too, or “about-to” ?

Truth to Tell

The Big Human-Development Saboteur is “Freedom of Speech” coupled to “Freedom of the Press” STILL – There’s the ‘insidiously-covered-up’ Worldwide Militant Adversarism Era  ‘gloves-off’ dividing now between the USA, China, and Russiaall domineeringly “faking-&-funneling” every-thing and every-one  into ‘growing-big-worldwide-hot-military-conflicts and…


Before we can be joining together we must surely be “apart” – scattered – even ‘competitively-standing-off’and ‘conflicting’.—– TOP-PRIORITY IMPORTANT & URGENT QUESTION THEN Why are none of the world’s Needs-&-Hows, Cooperative-problem-Solving, and Conflict Resolution Methods & Skills“working”and “reaching-down” to the…

What ‘trumps’ “Law” ?

Basicly, we have IUniversal Law One All-Overarching & Underpinning ‘Astronomical’ ‘Law’‘dichotomising into A. Natural Law – in turn dichotomising into.1. Physical-&-Material Law,2, Life-&-Biological Law. B. Human-Civilisational Law :in turn dichotomising – Let us take a a few steps or ‘jumps’…