“The Further Essential -“

Once “we”
have established our

and agreed upon

“with what non-fiction guidances”


set about
“co-running” it –

we shall have in front of us
a progressively-prioritised and listed
written-up record

within which there is sure to be at least one basicly-essential

And that should now be proactivationally-sufficient to
“keep you all ‘co-going'”.

======== 🙂 ========

the heading-title to this Post
{“The Further Essential” }
is no longer of high importance nor urgency –

all that might be helpful from it being
to add a hyphen –
[“The Further-Essential -“]
and keep it on one of our side-tables,
or more-likely prioritously
interimly-parked distantly nearby
on the HQ-room’s wall-library

======= 🙂 =======

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