Month: April 2019

A “Co-Prepping” Book

Whilst our present-‘exclusive’ or ‘selective’  focus is both naturally and civilisationally on, and actually ‘within’, ‘our-the’ present-ly prioritous range of “heres-&-nows” we need whenever ‘possible’ and/or ‘plannable’to follow a published ‘generic’ guide topreparing our Future. The publication that is now on this lap is Scenario Thinkingby ‘team-leaders’Wright & Cairns2011

“Sharing” Difficulties –

SPACES for instance ” Space’s’ “PLACES at – and in – which one may pauserest or work or ‘live’ indeed, there being two persons ‘living’ or ‘working’ or ‘both’ –they]ll need to have a ‘share-able-pause-place/corner’ and – As with the…

Values & Ultimatums Threats

Flashback: When the world population was only one-billion (1,000,000,000 mouths and human-bodies}and Britain’s was only some fifty-million (50,000,000) the “common-human-values-standard” was such that the Nation’s very best and fittest men-women-children-and-horsescould be packed-off to Wars to be mercilessly maimed and slaughteredliterally…


Both with and soon-eventually within already-our-already“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing “[Movement-Improvement]“One-in-All-&-All-in-One”-ings … We’re past wanting and increasingly-urgently and importantly needing an “open-to-every-one” co-sustain-worthy-ing learning, practicing’ and doing – Placeand 24/7/52 assured Timeframing .


“Exercise1.1 the first in Johnson-& Johnson ‘s Joining Together 4th ed 1991Advises us [“requires” career-registered students] to (i) List every-thing [jsdm] you do in a typical day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.(ii) Delete from yourn…

Co-Collecting “Must-be’s”

Both “Foundationals” and “Sine Qua Nons”* are “must-be’s” So also are such HeadTerms as ‘Basics’, Pre-Requisites, ‘Mandatories’. Andin downwards-diminishing order we might allow‘Qualifications’ to be axiomatic ** ‘pragmatically-necessary’, —— – but we’re talking there of “Humankind-Essentials” such as have become…

The “O & O” Sine Qua Non

The (absolutely-essential first-&-primarily can’t-begin-without)ampersandpre-non-negotiabletherefore-one-&-onlyessential – already must-have-been … SOMETHING ~ “something-or-other” and since, already following, ‘was’ now ‘must-be-or-not-be’“is” thenour one-and-only-connective must be(“TALLY-HO–>” – like ) Let’s be getting on with it … 1206 gone