We – [not just “you-in-your-small-corner-and-I-in-mine”]


We really do need
to be 24/7 using the same
“truly-life-leaderful, externally published models, of Individual-&-Cooperative-Human-Development

for “wholling-up” our own individual abilities and behaviours –
“centering” ourselves, and “keeping our-self rightly focused & rightly ‘relaxed’

 And thereupon of also becoming able to ‘join’ with others,
“neighbourly”  beginning to “harmonise”
an ultimately truly participatorily “in-common”, cooperatively “joint”, and constructively “all-in-this-together”

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement
truly worthy of worldwide adoption
for present-&-future
and for
Earth-Lifesupports Nurturing, Conserving, Preserving, and Rightly-



by quietly,
just to our-inner sensitive & private self,
“catching our-self ‘out’ “

 [NB and Beware! – just about every one of the advertised and ‘celebrated’  World-and-National Leaders are in fact one-way ‘top-down’ “Commanders”

and certainly
none of their lifestyles and personal-budgets
and few if any of their workplace-skills
could be emulated [‘copied’] by us masses –
how could a Financial-Sector Director or CEO
[clearly ‘spotted’ by media scrutineers such as Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert
as a “bankster” – demanding and being freely-handed-out 400 [four-hundred odd] human-livings
[when, to truly be avoiding life-&-humankind-extinction, one-human-being truly needs only 1 [one] human-living] }

But let us take – [or rather “borrow”] – from the truly worthy life-leaders

Paul Pearsall  Superimmunity :– 

just the two opposite self-monitoring ‘triads’
of catching our-self ‘running’ over-habitually

‘Hot’  –  Impatient; Hostile; Competitive;

or of being

‘Cold’  –  Inadequate;  Defeated;  Passive.

We could also carry another  ‘card’  to remind our-self of the
“13 Roadblocks to Good Human Intercommunication” 


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