Month: September 2017

Which Civilisation Do We Need Most –

. not “first”    –   we already are dominated by one huge worldwide “perfect global over-population” and “economicly-ever-self-renewable- Living Earth”  already failing and “armed-force–juggernauting- us” insidiously into utter resources-destruction and life-extinction and  our Children’ children’s children  are already doomed,…

What is Our Purpose ? – and How Live and Work “all in this together” ? 2300 W 13 09 17 —–>

. .Our “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Task is inexorably carrying us forward, individually as well as increasingly “togetherly”- . What “essential” thing, knowledge, and know-how do you “insist” needs to be given high priority to be “carried-forward” locked-into-a-new-constitution – for our Life’s…

On We Go —

– . rename the NHS the “National Sicknesses-and-Hospitals Sector” . and found a new “British Wholesome-Wellness Building Movement and Service”

We List our Limits –

– . and continue focally-self-sustainworthying – and joining-with-others for ‘civilisation-sustainworthying’ within our, and our co-participants’. limits. – . ———— 2015 M 11 09 17  ——–

– “here” – 2221

– 2207 your 39B1 aims to be present and correct enough at 2229 this-evening —-  reporting “in” two further books (arrived today) Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs Oxford Concise Dictionary of Linguistics  – .—– needing to non-rhythmicly be ‘strolling’ forward ‘togetherly’…