SUPER-POWERS: your task is to list all Powers in Order


originally 1800 (from your JSDM author-publisher, Welcome again !)

But 2317 T h 18 05 17

having rested
{ and thank-you for the shared snapshot real dream of :-
‘Ewin’ – having finished a snack
and been able to catch some of my “sweat”
in an otherwise-empty small bowl
beside the bigger vessel
on “our” empty white plate }

a vital factor has come up to mind – as a “PS”
{[(  now 2327- now 29)]}
[I just forgot to include listing my non-power of “feeling the correct pedal quick-enough”



(1800) Whilst maybe first  listing your own “powers” – e.g. “my power to eat, drink,. or sleep – ”

we shall see “USA”, “CHINA”, maybe “the India population” – –

We note that
any tiny power might become “super” by becoming able to start a World-Destructive War – some analysts say even one individual “private” person could start a World-Destroying “mischief” (a WMD or “atom-bomb” in a suitcase” ) –


“North Korea’s Militarily Destructive ‘power’  should not be amongst the very top few handfuls of “all-round-powerful” super-powers –

but probably Russia, and  maybe “Europe” could be quite high up;


what about Japan now ?  and Israel ?
and of course Iran ?
and “The Arabs”  ?



…   we also need, in all real-life honesty, to include “God” level Powers if you will  …


—————— 1829  Thursday 18 May 17  —————–jsdm ————— 1835      >

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